Below are several important methods for maintaining immune health. Please note that these are preventative methods for staying healthy. If you have found yourself already sick, please check out my other blog post on Holistic Cold and Flu Care.


As I’m sure you’re aware, a balanced diet is vital to immune health! Increase your intake of immune boosting foods and herbs to help support your body. Here are some great immune boosters to get you started:

  • Amalaki (Indian gooseberry) – This is a superfood berry packed full of vitamin c! 
  • Turmeric with a pinch of black pepper for absorption – This spice helps increase the immunomodulating functions of the body. Add some to your meals, or try these capsules by Banyan Botanicals.
  • Veggies (eat your meals as 80% plants) – Be sure you’re getting all your vitamins from leafy greens, organic vegetables, and fruits. This supports full-bodied health, digestion, and energy maintenance.
  • Kitchari This ayurvedic porridge gives your digestive system a break from working in order to provide more energy to your immune system. Our gut and immune system are vitally connected!
  • Chyavanprash This is an Ayurvedic jam that helps to increase the body’s ojas (vital immunity and juiciness). It is a building, nourishing food with a little sweetness to help drive the medicine into all of the deep tissues of the body.
  • Hawaiian Spirulina This superfood contains potent nutrients for boosting immunity.


At the end of your shower, turn the water too cold for a minute or two to help contract your lymph vessels. This helps flush lymphatic fluid buildup containing waste, toxicity, and stagnation. However, if you feel you are starting to get sick it is better to keep the water warm. (Your lymphatic system is swollen for a reason – to contain the virus from spreading!)


  • Light movement up until the point you break a sweat can help to boost immune function and decongest the lymph. However, if you feel you are starting to get sick it is better to rest.


  • These foods cause inflammation and a whole array of responses throughout the body that may not be beneficial when trying to stay strong and fight off any bugs.


  • Sleep creates cytokines in your body! This is an immuno-protein that targets infection and inflammation. If you skip out on sleep or sleep irregularly, this lowers your cytokines and weakens your immune response. So, prioritize your shut eye! If you have insomnia or a hard time sleeping, please check out my blog post 11 Ayurvedic Tips for Healing Insomnia.


  • Orgasms benefit the immune system by releasing the chemical DHEA, decreasing cortisol, and increasing your immunoglobulin A (which has been linked to an increase in resistance to illnesses like the common cold).


  • Fear and stress are some of the worst things for our immune system. And research has shown that women begin developing stronger immune defenses when they are falling in love! But you don’t have to be falling in love in order to embody love. You can become a love alchemist by bringing to mind a loved one or pet that evokes a feeling of openness in your heart and allow that love to build and spread throughout your whole body. Try my Love Alchemy Meditation below if you’d like guidance with this!

Remember that your body inherently has all of the tools and resources it needs in order to fight off illness. You can boost your immune system by taking care of your full-bodied health and by being wise with what you choose to stress over, and how you choose to live.

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