Expand Your Nervous System’s Capacity to

Hold more Ease, Joy, & Peace – the Feminine way.

Women are being told they can have it all and yet…

They’re being taught to connect with their power by using nervous system ‘healing’ techniques that are overtly masculine in nature. They’re told to “cope” with stress and “manage” their anxiety rather than how to channel this powerful kinetic energy into wisdom, power and more life.

The feminine nervous system is a powerhouse, and you’ve likely been taught ways to connect with her that are actually not even scratching the surface of what’s possible.

 Most nervous system capacity work I see being taught is actually just a bandaid. We’re taught “self regulation” and no skills to actually ALCHEMIZE the hugeness of our feelings.

ROOTED is a cutting edge, feminine focused somatic healing container to ROOT into the rituals, education, and support necessary to reclaim the JOY of being an EMBODIED Woman. 

In just six weeks, you’ll learn how to harmonize your nervous system, awaken your body’s organic intelligence, and balance your hormones with body-based emotional recalibration techniques supported by ancient wisdom and modern science.

ROOTED was Especially Designed For:

+ Healers, Mothers, Caregivers, and Professional Helpers Longing to Give Back to Themselves

+ Mental Health Warrioresses Ready to Take their Healing Journey to the Next Level

+ Women Seeking Deeper Personal Growth and Emotional Resilience

+ Women Ready to Balance their Hormones & Stress Cycles

+ Women Exploring Self-Care and Self-Love

What is ROOTED?

An online 6-week somatic container to ground the female nervous system and activate the healing superpowers within your body so you can rebalance, regulate, and restore. You’ll receive powerful tools to use, reuse and continue to cultivate throughout life for yourself AND the communities you serve.

Do you feel like your Nervous System has a mind of her own?

That’s because she does!

And, it’s time to learn to speak her language.

Your nervous system is HIGHLY impacted by your hormonal ebbs and flows… They are intricately linked and cannot be separated.


ROOTED gives you the FOUNDATIONAL Nervous System education you should have received as a young girl so you can feel GROUNDED, VITAL, and EMPOWERED to ride the waves of your life, no matter your current stage of womanhood, hormones, or past traumatic imprints.

Are you ready to reconnect to your clear, shiny, powerful

and Divine Feminine SELF?!


… the ups and downs of life are giving you whiplash…

… disregulation is keeping you from living the life of your dreams…

… you ready to stop “managing” your symptoms and begin feeling your feelings…

…you’re exhausted from having one foot on the gas and breaks at the same time…

…you’re tired of being told to cold plunge, fast, or do more cardio to manage your state…

…you’re ready to heal the physical symptoms emerging from your unprocessed emotional baggage…

ROOTED was made for you.

Are you ready for a better way?!

…to wake up in the morning and feel RADIANT, INSPIRED, and READY to seize the day.

…to navigate the ebbs and flows of life with EASE and CALM.

…to feel GROUNDED, CENTERED, and ALIGNED from deep within.

Gift Yourself a TOTAL Nervous System Transformation

Kaity with drum

This course is for you, if you're called to…

 ✨Feel comfortable and radiant in your own skin

Balance your nervous system for the long term

✨ Transmute pent up stress and emotional baggage

✨ Heal from traumatic stress

✨ Regain your confidence and self-worth

✨ Slow down, rest, and receive

✨ Feel grounded and at ease

Find new inspired self-care practices, self-love rituals, and strategies to cultivate a deeper connection with yourself

✨ Regain hormonal balance

✨ Receive a roadmap to honor your body’s needs and nourish your mind, body, and Feminine spirit

I just started the course yesterday and oh my! Just day 1 yesterday brought such a sense of inner peace and safety within me. I couldn’t wait to do the practices again today! I am so happy that I followed my gut and enrolled in this course. ❤️ I am really able to sink in and soak into the practice and feel that safety build within me.
~ Anonymous (Foundational Course Student)


+ Deep re-education on your nervous system, stress, trauma healing, and hormonal balance

+ One of a kind, vibrant online community

+ Daily embodiment practices and harmonizing meditations to experience and re-experience as you come back home to your body

+ Ongoing access to Q&A, sharing, and connection with Kaity and the Her Temple Community

Root, rest, and receive.

Kaity on beach

Hi, I’m Kaity

I’ll be your guide in ROOTED.

I understand the transformative power that comes with understanding and nurturing the Divine Feminine Nervous System. I’ve personally experienced the impact it can have on one’s life when the nervous system and hormones are in harmony.

I believe that you have landed on this webpage for a reason. Deep within you, there is a longing to prioritize yourself, fill your cup, and show up in your family, work, and life with a renewed sense of expansiveness.

I firmly hold the belief that you are the healer of your own life. In ROOTED, I offer you a toolkit of resources, a supportive community, guidance, and a safe space to build your bandwidth, cultivate resilience, and truly embrace self-love as you embark on your healing journey.

If you’ve been feeling blocked in deeply loving yourself, if you’re seeking to manifest your dreams into reality, if you desire to cultivate more fulfilling relationships and experience passionate aliveness, and if you’re ready to shed feelings of smallness and powerlessness in your life, then this is the space that was meant for you.

Together, we will root down and rise up. I am excited to journey alongside you in ROOTED, as we explore and embrace the transformative power within.

Our Methodology

ROOTED combines principles and techniques from yoga, somatic experiencing, body-centered psychotherapy, and mindfulness practices. In our unique approach, known as Somatic Yoga Therapy®, we emphasize cultivating a deep connection between the mind and body to access and release physical and emotional tension or trauma held within the body. The practice involves slow and mindful movements, breath-work, meditation, and guided self-inquiry to bring awareness to sensations, feelings, and patterns of tension in the body.

Somatic Yoga Therapy® can be beneficial for conditions such as chronic pain, stress, anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as well as conditions related to hormonal imbalance (menstrual irregularities, PMS, fertility challenges, perimenopause, menopause symptoms, anorgasmia, pelvic pain, or postpartum adjustments). By engaging in this practice, women can deepen their understanding of their bodies, enhance self-regulation skills, and promote hormonal harmony and overall well-being.


Somatic Yoga Therapy® enables women to access and embody more Soul Power (the energy or your Highest Self), leading to profound healing, self-expression, and a fuller engagement with life, love, and well-being.

Harmonizing Meditations

… to resource your nervous system, tone your vagus nerve, and increase your bandwidth for the long-term

Somatic Movement Exercises

… to release physical and emotional holding patterns in your body so you can feel relaxed and at ease

Gentle Yoga & Breathwork

… to ground you into sustained physical, energetic, and mental wellbeing, clarity, and calm

Sensual Explorations

… nourish your nervous system with the “good food” it needs to heal, experience pleasure, and ground

Educational Videos

… to help you download new perspectives about your nervous system, body, and healing that will forever change how you relate to your body. Includes 40+ pages of supplementary handouts.

Beautiful 60+ Page Workbook

… to stabilize your new routine and habits, integrate the shifts, and process emotional release

Online Community

… to provide you with deeper integration, sharing, connection, and social nervous system healing

Instructor Support

… to answer your specific questions and customize the practices to your unique healing needs

What’s Different about the Female Nervous System?

We understand that women (and individuals with menstrual cycles) have unique needs when it comes to rebalancing the nervous system. Our tailored strategies work in synergy with your fluctuating estrogen and progesterone levels throughout your cyclical life, empowering you to release pent up cortisol, fill up your cup, and give back to yourself.

Understanding your Ebbs and Flows

Did you know that each phase of your menstrual cycle presents different ebbs and flows to navigate within? ROOTED will empower you with knowledge about your body, hormones, and stress responses. By unraveling the intricate connection between your hormonal system and stress responses, you’ll be equipped with the tools needed to achieve true balance.

Women & The Fawn Response

The female nervous system is more inclined to fawn—a stress response characterized by a tendency to appease or please others. This can leave us feeling separated from our own needs, power, and overall Self. In ROOTED, you’ll learn how to ground back into your Self and not feel so lost in the energy and needs of others.

Week-by-Week Overview

Week One

Gentleness Guides the Way

During this week, you’ll lay the foundation for your harmonizing and embodiment practices.

🌊 In harmonizing, you will focus in on strengthening your capacity for ORIENTATION, allowing your nervous system to gradually become more and more rooted into the present moment.

🏔 In your embodiment work, you will work with unwinding any stress patterns in the ROOT of the body (tailbone, legs, feet) and begin to introduce your system to the art of pandiculation.

Week Two

The Rhythm of the Body
🌊 This week, you will take a deeper dive into harmonizing through sensuality and deepening the power of orienting. By tapping into your senses, you will strengthen your ability to ground yourself in the present moment, fostering a greater sense of harmony within.

🏔 In your embodiment practices, you will focus on the divine feminine region of the pelvic bowl—a vital center of energy and vitality in the body. Through watery movements and awareness exercises, you will unlock the wisdom and potential held within this sacred space.

Week Three

Your Inner Vision

🌊In your harmonizing journeys, you will begin exploring the incredible power of imagination in partnership with orientation. By tapping into your inner vision, you can more easily shift out of freeze, unblock stuck energy, and bring about positive change.

🏔️In this week’s embodiment practices, you will shift your attention to the power centers of the low back and core. These areas serve as the foundation of strength and stability in our physical and energetic bodies.

Week Four

Self Compassion & Love

In your harmonizing explorations, you will delve into the transformative realm of the breath. By consciously engaging with your breath, you can tap into the healing power within and cultivate a deeper sense of presence, peace, and vitality. Through somatic breathwork explorations, you will unlock the potential for profound inner shifts and increasing emotional capacity.

🏔️In your embodiment practices this week, you will journey into the expansive realm of the heart chakra. You will focus on the chest, upper back, and shoulders, areas closely connected to the energy of love, compassion, and connection. Through gentle movements, stretches, and breath awareness, you will awaken and nurture the profound wisdom and openness of the heart center. 

Week Five

The Wisdom Within

🌊This week, your harmonizing practices support a deepened connection with Soul. By nurturing this sacred connection, you can cultivate a sense of purpose, authenticity, and inner harmony.

🏔️ In your embodiment practice, you will shift your focus to the head, jaw, eyes, and neck—the areas associated with the throat and third eye chakras. These regions hold the power of communication, self-expression, intuition, and authentic voice. Through gentle somatic movements, you will release tension, expand your capacity for self-expression, and unlock the authentic power of your voice.

Week Six

Integration is Healing

🌊In harmonizing, you will continue to build upon the foundations of orientation, vision, breath, and soul. You will explore the interconnectedness of your physical, emotional, and energetic selves. By bringing attention to each part of your body, you will foster a sense of wholeness, balance, and integration.

🏔️In embodiment, you will focus on full body integration and release. By engaging in integrative somatic movements, you will support your body in letting go of any residual tension or holding patterns. These practices will help you cultivate a profound connection with your body as a whole, promoting a greater sense of flow, freedom, and vitality.

Week 2 of the Foundational course and I am learning to slow down ever more and tune into what my body is telling me somatically. This is a great practice and is teaching me how to provide a slower pace for my students who come from vulnerable settings.

~ Nichole S (Foundational Course Student)

What will I learn?

1 – How to identify and ride the waves of activation and deactivation in the female nervous system so you can navigate triggers with more ease and avoid the spirals you’ve experienced with anxiety/depression.

2 – How to heal from traumatic stress that shows up in your body as physical pain, emotional dysregulation, anxious thinking, and chronic stress

3 – How to live a more grounded, rooted, embodied life so you feel fulfilled on a regular basis, full of purpose and worthiness

4 – Increase bandwidth and capacity to feel more resilient, grounded, and clear so that you can go after your dreams and not let overwhelm put your life on hold

5 – Sensual practices to help you increase bandwidth and capacity to be in the present moment and enjoy life – finally stop feeling like you’re missing out or not showing up for your potential

6 – Somatic Movement practice to release pent up stress and tension from your tissues

7 – Tools for connecting more deeply with your Divine Feminine SOUL.



or 6 Monthly Installments of $55

We offer sliding interest free payment plans to support your financial needs. ❤️ 

 Week 2 of the Foundational course and I am learning to slow down ever more and tune into what my body is telling me somatically. This is a great practice and is teaching me how to provide a slower pace for my students who come from vulnerable settings.

~ Nichole S (Foundational Course Student)

“I asked for clarity, and am SO grateful to have received it. I am much more clear on what I want, how to help myself, and how to access EASE in the day-to-day. I enjoyed all of the rest and replenishment, reformation of habits, exploration, adventure, and fun!”

~ Jill C (Embodiment Retreat Student)



What is the main goal of ROOTED?

To gradually support your nervous system in increasing resilience to stress.

To release pent up tension from the body. To balance your hormones. Most importantly, to increase EASE in your body/life.


How is ROOTED structured?

The course begins with videos designed to education you on your stress cycles, somatic healing, and hormones. These videos help to set the scene and create greater understanding for the depth of work you’ll be doing experientially.

From there, each week contains somatic practices for balancing the nervous system, reducing cortisol, and increasing resilience to stress. These are about 15 minutes in length. Each day, there is one practice that is movement oriented, and one that is more meditative/mindfulness oriented.

You’ll have 2 days off per week for rest and integration!


Is it online or in-person?

ROOTED is all online and self-paced. So if you need to slow down, take a break, or pause/resume at an alternative time you can.

You have the option to join a community “wave” (which starts THIS Monday!!!), or to go through on your own.


How much time is required?

Each day includes a Harmonizing practice, Embodiment practice, brief journaling, reflection, and daily focus. Doing all of the practices comes out to about 30-45 minutes per day.

If you find yourself low on time or bandwidth, we recommend focusing on the Harmonizing practices the first time through the program. This takes about 15 minutes per day.

If you find yourself unable to carve out time for even Harmonizing, you can listen the audio as you go through your day. Attuning to the prosody of my voice will still offer your nervous system great benefit.

The next time through the program, you may find you have more capacity for presence during the practices! As you grow in capacity, you can add in the Embodiment practices (15 mins) + some evening journaling in your workbook (another 5-10 mins).


How do I know if I'm ready for this?

You’re ready for this course if you:

1) have an interest in exploring the connection between your mind and body and are open to using this connection as a pathway to healing and personal growth

2) want a holistic approach to well-being, addressing physical, emotional, and energetic aspects of your being

3) want somatic support to balance your mental health, physical health and hormones 

4) feel ready to engage in embodied inquiry and are open to exploring your experiences on a somatic level

5) are looking for a safe and supportive space to explore your mind-body connection, emotions, and personal experiences


How do I know if this will work for me?

If you know your physical and psycho-emotional symptoms are rooted in the body, you’ll walk away from this program with countless tangible tools and takeaways supported by neuroscience that will help to balance your nervous system.

The benefits from this course are complimentary to any work you’re doing with holistic doctors, bodyworkers, or mental health counsellors. In fact, we highly encourage you to receive support through these outlets as they will increase the benefits received from your work in ROOTED.

While this course will be a valuable addition to your healing journey, it is important to note that it should not replace professional medical advice or treatment. It is recommended to consult with qualified practitioners or therapists for personalized guidance and support, in conjunction with appropriate medical and therapeutic care for mental health and hormonal concerns.


How many times do I have to complete this course to see results?

You can go through this course once and see great benefits. However, the deepest benefits will be seen by going through the course 3 times over a 6-12 months, with some down time in between each cycle. You can take the course as many times as you’d like.


What materials will I need?

Mostly just your body and your device! There are some practices where you are encouraged to use a yoga block, massage balls (tennis balls also work), or a slo mo ball. A materials list will be provided upon registration.


What kind of support will be available?

Ongoing Q&A with Kaity & the Her Temple Team

Online Community with messenger, activity feed, and app


How long do I have access to the course?

You will have lifetime access to the course! We recommend going through ROOTED at least 3x.


Can I get CEU's?

CEU’s are available through Yoga Alliance and will soon also be available through IAYT (International Association of Yoga Therapy).


What financial assistance do you offer?

We have a sliding scale rates, interest free payment plans, + a scholarship opportunity available.


Can I get a printed workbook?

We have a PDF workbook available, with the option to get a printed version for an additional $30. More information to print or order your workbook will be available in your online classroom.


What is your refund policy?

We are unable to refund payments for this course.

Kaity and her 1:1 healing sessions have been so transformative, allowing me to reach breakthroughs I didn’t know were possible.  Though our sessions are virtual, I always experience spiritual connectedness and amazing engagement. From day one, Kaity has shown so much wisdom in the process of somatic yoga therapy and why it is so impactful in sexual trauma recovery.  Our sessions are a time where all my feelings, physical and mental, are safely explored with such nurture and care. Kaity is so perceptive at knowing when enough emotional work has been done, so that I never leave feeling drained. Everyday I get to use the resources and insights from our sessions to get closer to my desire for sensuality and confidence. Kaity’s work is truly powerful and a blessing to women that have experienced sexual trauma and are ready to liberate themselves from it. 

~ Tempestt C. (1x1 Client)

from Washington State


Ground Your Divine Feminine Nervous System

6 Week Somatic Container to Anchor into a Reliable Relationship with Peace and Calm

Curious if this is right for you?

Let’s Connect!

If you’d like to discuss whether ROOTED will be a good fit for you, please send an email to

This is a great way to find out if the course is the right fit for you and get all of your questions answered!