Somatic Yoga Therapy® Practitioner Training

Somatic Alchemy Training is an immersive online training to guide you in…

+ becoming a highly skilled, transformative somatic practitioner…
+ embodying your unique gifts more fully each and every day…
+ experiencing your Soul’s sovereignty, radiance, & power…
+ and, getting certified as a Somatic Yoga Therapy®  Practitioner

Currently in Session – Future Training Dates TBA


Welcome, Alchemist!

You’ve always been a little… different.

You see and feel things deeply, which can both feel like a super power and a curse.

You are deeply committed to your Self and your personal journey of healing, perhaps more so than most.

You know that mainstream healthcare for physical and emotional health is DEEPLY lacking and missing the full picture.

It’s part of your life’s mission to become a bridge, guiding the people you serve into a new way of being.

You want to EMPOWER the people you work with to BECOME their own medicine… not just to swallow a pill, self medicate, and numb out.

You know how even much of what we call collectively call “Self Care” (yoga, breath work, bio-hacking), can easily become Self Medication – methods to avoid how we actually feel.

Stuck in cycles of emotional repression, the body becomes bound up, tense, and toxic.

This traumatic stress lives INSIDE the body, eventually manifesting as physical dis-ease.

It’s only through the body that traumatic stress can fully be integrated and released. 

Our sensorimotor functions, a.k.a. MOVING and FEELING, are two powerful ingredients we explore for trauma resolution in our Somatic Alchemy Training.

Ready to dive deep into the waters of Somatic healing together?!


This training is for you, if you're called to…

✨Alchemize your sensitivity from a curse into a superpower

✨Process undigested traumatic stress that is keeping you or your clients small, silent, and stuck in the past

✨Tune out the noise and be guided by the sensual, soulful wisdom of the body

✨Cleanse your & your clients emotional waters into vital, life-giving streams of Love

✨Release chronic holding patterns full of tension and pain

✨Liberate your voice and express yourself!

Hold a torch of sacred light as you teach, guide, and illuminate the way for the people you are destined to serve

It all begins with your Sacred Body.

Your body’s wisdom is the cauldron where the process of somatic healing takes place, for both yourself and your clients. Your sensations, emotions, and inner voice are your Sacred Guides.

This is a journey into the Feminine Path where you’ll be guided “down and in” to build deeper intimacy and trust with yourself, creating an inner radiance even more luminous than the full moon.

You’ll be guided to release all that no longer serves your highest good – all the blockages, patterns, and residues trapped in your Nervous System that keep you at arm’s length from your deepest desires for your health, love life, relationships, and career.

And, you’ll be fully equipped to guide your clients through the same process.

“In my experience, one can’t heal trauma through the intellect. It must be healed through the body. I’ve studied, trained, and participated in many different healing modalities, and I was intuitively led to Kaity’s training – for this reason. It’s centered around returning to your body and allowing the body to guide you to what it needs to heal. The program Kaity has put together is incredible. It’s thorough, detailed, and organized. She is so responsive, patient, and supportive! She is an old soul and knows so much. The training offers so much content, and Kaity does a wonderful job of breaking it all down in a way that’s understandable and relatable…even the manual and workbooks…they are incredibly thorough, useful, and beautifully illustrated. I constantly refer back to them when I am working with clients.”

Tonya H. –Issaquah, WA

“I am forever grateful for this program and for Kaity. I don’t believe in coincidences, this is the program that I was meant to experience. I am so appreciative of being able to reclaim my sensitivity and vulnerability. Now I can let myself cry with ease, when before I would have looked at that as a sign of weakness. I feel empowered and ready to take what I’ve learned through this training into the BIPOC community to remind them that their sensitivity and vulnerability is a gift and to show them how to move away from hypervigilance and the need to hustle.”

Dominique D. –Richmond, VA

Welcome to Somatic Alchemy Training, a sacred initiation to become the Healer you were born to be.

As a Somatic Alchemy Training student, you’ll also be invited to join our annual Embodiment Retreat! The retreat is OPTIONAL for certification, but highly encouraged for students to have more in-person time and connection together. Keep scrolling to learn more.

What’s included in the program?

  ✔ 8 immersive online initiations

✔ 4 group mentorship modules

✔ Integrative practicum to apply what you’ve learned with real-time client work

✔ Opportunities to experience live-sessions with Kaity in our Demo Calls

✔ Group connection & check-in calls

✔ 1×1 check-ins with Kaity and the Her Temple Team

✔ At-home harmonizing and embodiment practices for supporting each module

✔ In-depth manual & workbook for deepening your experience

✔ A depth of feedback, attention, and care from our instructors

✔ Online community with messaging, activity feed, and app

✔ BONUS: Join our annual Embodiment Retreat at Xinalani Eco-Resort in Mexico (additional expense)

✔ BONUS: Soul-Aligned Business Development Course & Coaching (included)

✔ BONUS: Supplementary library full of additional resources to integrate into your Somatic Yoga Therapy® practice (included)

Somatic Yoga Therapy Session In-Person

What is Somatic Yoga Therapy?!

The primary goal of Somatic Yoga Therapy® is to restore your connection to the safety and intuition that resides within your body, through gentle movement, awareness, and mindfulness practices that support rewiring the neural networks that keep you in a traumatized state. Once a foundation of inner safety and intuition are established, we can move forward into the realm of trauma integration and “Soul Retrieval.”

Somatic Yoga Therapy® is an individualized healing process that encourages you to drop into a deep connection to the intuitive wisdom within your own body.

From this wisdom connection, organic impulses for healing naturally arise. These impulses are supported by a myriad of tools and resources from the yoga tradition (such as movement, sound healing, energy work, or breathwork) that encourage a full discharge of energy.

As this energetic release begins, more Soul Power (a.k.a. Self-energy, “Youness”, shakti, or aliveness) is able to take root in the body. This act of “Soul Retrieval” supports the deepest, most sustained healing possible, and supports you in embodying your fullest self-expression in life, love, health, and beyond.

 I would absolutely recommend this training! This course will bring about change in your life, will help you deepen your relationship with yourself and others, and will enhance your understanding of the gift that is yoga and somatic work. It will shift you into a space of deeper connection with yourself, other humans, nature, and all beings. It will help you overcome blockages to open up pathways that you may have not thought possible or even expected.

Nicole C. - Loveland, CO

There are 4 foundational pillars in the
Somatic Yoga Therapy® process:


Gently guide your body back to a sense of safety and presence. Learn how to cultivate groundedness, security, compassion, and be at ease in your own skin.


Nourish your mind, body and Soul by learning to be sweet, slow, and soft with yourself. You’ve gone through a LOT. Now is the time to rest and replenish so you can have more inner and outer space to heal.


Integrate past pain bodies so you can fully embody the shiny, bright human you were born to be. Let go and release the past, one breath and sensation at a time.


Retrieve what has been lost, such as your sexuality, your power and purpose, your joy and will to live a deliciously embodied life. These “lost” gifts are deeply connected to your our Soul Essence and its ability to come home to your body for you to feel more and more YOU.

This is where you awaken your alchemical magic.

Kaity Rose Photo

Hi, I’m Kaity

Thank you for your curiosity about the Somatic Alchemy Training.

I know you’ve landed on this webpage for a reason. There is a fire inside you ready to finally support yourself and the humans you’re destined to serve in thriving beyond recovery, into full reclamation of Soul Power.

With tools and influence from my deep studies in the yoga tradition, somatics, partswork, shamanic healing, energy work and ayurveda, I’ve held space for hundreds of individuals to heal and recover in my work as a Somatic Yoga Therapist. I’m excited to help you do the same!

I firmly believe that you are your own healer, as are each of your clients. Somatic Alchemy Training is here to offer you tools, support, guidance, and space for helping those you serve alchemize their blockages into their greatest gifts and super powers. 


Somatic Alchemy Training is an immersive online training that supports healers, yoga teachers, and trauma alchemists in becoming certified Somatic Yoga Therapy® Practitioners.

Somatic Yoga Therapy® will teach you how to alchemize traumas into your greatest gifts and superpowers, supported by REAL LIFE tools inspired by ancient wisdom and modern neuroscience.

These practical, life-changing tools will help you:

    • Up-level your impact as a healer and leader
    • Create deeply transformational one-on-one therapeutic work
    • Balance your own & your client’s nervous systems for long-term transformation
    • Develop a sustainable business based on helping others…
    • Manifest the life, love, and abundance you are truly meant for

“Incorporating the skills I learned from the Somatic Alchemy Training into my daily life and professional work with clients has been wonderful and pretty intuitive. I weave Somatic Yoga Therapy into my classes and retreats. Through this training, I’ve discovered this work really feeds my soul and helps others heal. I definitely see my business expanding to offer more Somatic Yoga Therapy opportunities!”

Tonya H. - Issaquah, WA

“As someone with a healthcare background, I found the training to be impressively comprehensive and in-depth. It delivered a lot of high-level information drawing from various schools of thought, all presented in a gentle and palatable manner. The content not only aligned with my existing expertise but also expanded my horizons, offering a solid foundation to apply this knowledge safely, both in my work with occupational therapy clients and with Somatic Yoga Therapy® clients. I appreciated the experiential aspect of the training, where we walked through the process as clients, allowing us to embark on a journey towards our highest selves. I loved how there were demonstration sessions and additional opportunities for growth like the business mentorship.” 

Jill C. - Coram, NY

8 Alchemical Initiations

+ an Integrative Practicum with 4 Mentorship Modules

1. Your Tantric Nervous System

2025 TBD

A deep dive into the mysticism, science, and healing of the nervous system through somatic healing.

  • Nervous system foundations
  • Trauma healing 101
  • Harmonizing, orientation, and resourcing
  • Intro to sensorisomatic healing
  • Vagus nerve toning
  • Top/down versus bottom/up approaches & the power of the body
  • Introduction to core principles of somatic healing

2. Ayurveda, Nature Connection, & ReWilding the Body-Mind

2025 TBD

Experience and explore the medicine of the 5 great elements, mother nature, and the intuitive process of inner healing.

  • Five element theory & the felt sense
  • The enteric nervous system and gut-brain connection
  • The doshas and subdoshes for holistic trauma healing
  • Polarity therapy for nervous system balance
  • Body Yantra proprioceptive techniques

3. Alchemical Partswork & Soul Skills for One-on-One Work

2025 TBD

You are a being of multiplicity and are made up of many parts! In this module, you’ll learn the art of partswork for healing trauma.

  • 6 steps of Somatic Yoga Therapy® & practitioner skills
  • Intention setting and desire mapping
  • Exploring the TIMES channels of experience
  • Somatic Partswork (inspired by IFS & Self Soul Spirit Models)
  • Working with Sub Personalities, Protective Parts, & Trauma

4. Eyes, Breath, & Gentle Trauma Release

2025 TBD

Access your intuitive impulses for healing and support your clients in the process of Inner Yoga!

  • Going deeper into Partswork & Soul Retrieval
  • Healing touch and the nervous system
  • Eye movements and repatterning
  • Somatic breathwork, yogic breathwork, and somatic breath tracking
  • Yoga psychology: Koshas and Vayus
  • Brahmana, Samana, & Langhana energy theory
  • Gentle trauma release practices


2025 TBD


5. Emotional Anatomy

2025 TBD

Your body is a map of your life expereinces. Learn to unwind, release, and nourish your emotional and fascial body.

  • Emotional release work and liberation
  • Energy body basics and the chakras
  • Emotional anatomy and holding patterns
  • Somatic movement practices and pandiculation
  • Somatic tracking
  • Body reading

6. Pleasure, Sexuality, & Relationship

2025 TBD

Reconnect with your Pleasure as Power, and heal the deepest wounds of the heart and sexuality. 

  • Sexual healing
  • Pleasure and the nervous system
  • The reward system
  • The art of intimacy
  • Consent
  • Relationship styles and attachment theory
  • Daoism and tantra for sexual and relational healing

7. The SHE

2025 TBD

Womb Care for the Divine Feminine in all her forms and phases, in all cycles of life. Maiden, Mother, Wild Woman, Queen, and Crone.

  • Cyclical wisdom and infradian rhythms
  • Prenatal, postnatal, menstruation, & menopause 
  • Neuroendocrinology (where hormonal balance and the NS meet)
  • Divine feminine archetypes
  • Sleep and dreaming
  • Samkhya
  • Kanchukas
  • Wisdom of yin & honoring rest

8. Energy & Intuition

2025 TBD

Here, we deeply explore the energy body in somatic release work. In this module, we go deeper into the esoteric applications of SYT® and explore shamanic applications of this therapeutic work.

  • Ancestral trauma
  • Neuro-sequencing & integration
  • Psychogenic tremors
  • Energy healing foundations
  • Shamanic journeying
  • Intuition and psychic development
  • Ritual in Somatics
  • Manifestation


2025 TBD


Integrative Practicum with Group Mentorship

After your final initiations, you’ll complete 50 Practicum hours to jumpstart your transformative work with your future clients, supported by mentorship and supervision calls to up-level your skills as a SYT® Practitioner.

  • Work 1×1 with REAL clients (can be paid or unpaid hours)
  • SYT® Demo Sessions with Kaity (occur throughout the year)
  • Case studies to integrate and deepen your studies
  • Receive feedback, mentorship, and guidance from Kaity and the team
  • Jump into real-life SYT® applications
  • Receive a supportive transition to move from the program into your SYT® practice
  • BONUS: Soul-Aligned Business Development Course and Coaching

Mentorship 1: 2025 TBD

  • Practicum Kick Off Call: Friday 2-5p
  • Business Development Coaching: Saturday 2-5p

Mentorship 2: 2025 TBD

  • Mentorship & Supervision Call: Friday 2-5p
  • Business Development Coaching: Saturday 2-5p (optional)

Mentorship 3: 2025 TBD

  • Mentorship & Supervision Call: Friday 2-5p
  • Business Development Coaching: Saturday 2-5p (optional)

Mentorship 4: 2025 TBD

  • Mentorship & Supervision: Friday 2-5p
  • Business Development Coaching: Saturday 2-5p (optional)
  • Final Integration & Graduation Call: Sunday 2-5p

When the training first began, I was doing a lot of internal work, especially ancestral work that was very heavy. I didn’t have a lot of lightness and joy in my life. I felt very stuck, heavy, confused, and unclear. I felt like I was working so hard but not moving at all.

Now, I FEEL in my body more, I understand the language of my body and know how to listen and translate it into language. I know how to follow sensation and that helps me in all aspects of life because it helps me trust my body and its signals. I feel much more open and accepting of all of my emotions and beliefs, even the heavy ones. I feel more compassionate towards myself.

I feel more confident and fierce. I’ve embodied my jaguar queen energy more deeply. I know myself more. I also feel like I am a better listener and am more confident working 1-to-1 with people.

Tori A. - PA

1x1 session bow
Learning about Nervous System
SYT session with class feedback

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn in the Somatic Alchemy Training:

Somatic Alchemy Training blends the art of somatics, yoga and embodiment practices, Ayurvedic Medicine, energy work, sound healing, breathwork, and shamanism.

Your body holds onto all the life experiences that were too much, too fast, too soon for you to integrate.

These holding patterns later manifest as mental, physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual health imbalances.

These experiences stay in the body until they are processed and metabolized.

The Somatic Alchemy Training is an intuitive journey, and we honor the pace that your body wants to set for healing.

We allow the wisdom of the body to guide our work together so that your wise, intelligent body has all it needs for healing.

This training is your container and guide to embodying and reclaiming your natural state of integration and health.

Safety, ease & love are our guiding forces for your organic healing.

Somatic Yoga Therapy® supports you in accessing your inner wisdom rather than an external authority prescribing yoga postures or meditations. In Somatic Yoga Therapy®, your sensations become your guides to unlock access to your inner blueprint for healing. We trust the wisdom of the Soma and the nectar of the body to lead us on the healing journey from the inside out (rather than outside in). It is a practice rooted in Sahaja, spontaneous and intuitive movement toward healing and wholeness that can only be accessed inside your own self.

Embodiment Retreat

April 27th - May 4th, 2024 at Xinalani Retreat Center in Mexico

Embodiment Retreat: 2025 TBD at Xinalani Retreat Center in Mexico

This immersion is designed to guide you back Home… to your sacred body, your radiant heart, and your primal power.

Through movement, breath, sound, energy, and somatic processing tools you’ll learn to release emotional burdens from the past and invite your Soul Power to root down into the midline of the body so you can ground into a sustainable, aligned, Centeredness.

There is an additional fee for the retreat. Early Bird applicants will receive a student discount on retreat registration.

This retreat is OPTIONAL for certification, but highly encouraged for students to have more in-person time and connection together.

Who this training is for...

The Somatic Alchemy Training is for healers ready to bring their professional and personal lives into deeper Soul congruence and embodied alignment.

It is for you if you…

✔ Are ready and willing to dive into the deep, sometimes scary waters of your emotions and body and to fully integrate what is keeping you stuck.

✔ Are ready to connect more deeply to your body than you ever have before.

✔ Are ready to balance your nervous system and alchemize blockages keeping your playing small and hiding away from your leadership potential

✔ Are ready to awaken your internal power, ownership, and self responsibility.

✔ Don’t fit in with traditional schooling, and hold somatic intelligence as equal (or more) value as intellectualism

✔ Want to be a part of a community full of depth, authenticity, and belonging.

✔ Work with clients who carry traumatic stress and done years of therapy, yet still feel unresolved and stuck in a loop

✔ Teach and practice yoga or other embodied healing arts, yet feel there is something “missing” in taking your teachings to the next level


✔ Want to make money and create a business being a professional, certified Somatic Yoga Therapy® Practitioner!

This is not for you if...

This program is not for those who…

Are looking for a quick fix and want to feel better without doing the required work

Are working with severe active trauma

Do not have the time and energy for an immersive and deep program, designed to deeply transform all aspects of life

Are not ready or willing to change

Are not ready or willing to take ownership for your own emotional experience and life, and take the necessary and sometimes challenging steps into more power

Want a traditional yoga training focused on asana and group classes

Are not ready to confront, hold, and nourish any pain bodies that lives within yourself and those you serve

Are looking for a prescriptive and linear method of healing, rather than an organic and intuitive process


✔ Yoga teacher training certification or experience (encouraged)

✔ Experience and commitment to your own healing work
At least one year of consistent yoga/dance/meditation/spiritual practice.

✔ Experience in leading group or one-to-one movement, healing, coaching, or counseling work

Somatic Alchemy Training is…

A space where soulful and the somatic meet

An incubator for deep yogic wisdom to come to anchor in your living, breathing body

An initiation into more power, pleasure, and purpose than you’ve ever experienced

And, an experiential Love Lab for your deepest transformation

Somatic Alchemy Training is an journey of mastering a life-changing process you’ll use daily in your personal and professional life.

Over the duration of the course, spots in my body that hold tension and pain have let go of charge. My heart is more open and able to radiate love, compassion and kindness. I was able to release stuck negative energy and energy that wasn’t mine, which facilitated change and a return to a high vibration energy.

This course will help you overcome blockages to open up pathways that you may have not thought possible or even expected.

Nicole C. - Loveland, CO

Join the Waitlist

Stay informed on when the next cycle of training begins, and get first dibs on enrollment.

Investment: $8,333

Those who join the waitlist will get an opportunity for a significant early registration discount.
Interest free payment plans & scholarships are available for those in financial need.

I decided to join the Somatic Alchemy Training after experiencing a Somatic Yoga Therapy® session with Kaity, because it felt like one of the most profound healing sessions I had ever had. It felt unique and special and truly like my body was leading and everything that was coming up made sense, rather than being filtered through the eyes of a healer speaking my experience to me.

I highly recommend this program! Kaity is an amazing, intentional teacher, the material is high-quality and it prepares you to work with others in a very impactful way and feel confident in doing so. Even if you don’t do this to be a “Somatic Yoga Therapy® Practitioner” just the personal, spiritual growth from the training is so powerful. You’ll make friends for life.

Tori A. - PA



What is Somatic Yoga Therapy? I don't quite understand what the modality entails...

Somatic Yoga Therapy is a personalized healing approach that revolves around forging a deep connection with the intuitive wisdom within the body, utilizing practices like tracking the felt sense, nervous system awareness, and movement patterns. The goal is to identify and address stagnant energy, traumas, or repressed emotions that might be affecting the nervous system.

Guided by a practitioner, individuals gently engage with and release stored tension or trauma, facilitating a return to balance in the nervous system. This process aims to liberate pent-up survival energy, creating ample space for the individual’s Soul or Highest Self to firmly root back into the body. 


Do I have to join all of the modules?

Yes, when you sign up you are committing to all 12 modules (8 initiations and 4 mentorships). It is required for certification, and creates a cohesive, committed community of students (which is arguably one of the best parts of Somatic Alchemy Training!)

In addition, all modules must be taken in order, because each module builds on the previous modules content. For example, you can’t take module 4 without taking 1-3 before hand.

Should you join for some of the modules and decide to pause your training until the following year, we cannot guarantee the program formatting or module structure will remain the same.


How big is the group?

16 participants maximum


How much homework is there between modules?

We prefer to use the term SoulWork, as opposed to homework 😉 There will be monthly reading assignments, guided practices, reflection exercises, pre-recorded lectures, and “LoveLab” practice hours that are required between modules. There may also be an occasional live zoom call with a special topic or guest speaker.

It amounts to 5-10 hours of course work per week.


What is required for certification?

You’ll be required to complete all of the training modules, in addition to 50 Practicum Hours during mentorship. The Practicum begins at the end of Initiation 8 and will be supported by additional supervision and mentorship, included in your training costs.


What is included in the Integrative Practicum & Mentorship?

The practicum is the portion of the training where you’re invited to INTEGRATE all of the many skills you’ve learned and embodied through offering 1×1 SYT® sessions with real-life clients. There are 50 practicum hours required for certification.

These hours are supported by group mentorship calls where you’ll be supported in continuing to refine your SYT® skills, develop your business to acquire clients, and heal through the initiation of true embodied leadership. Think of this part of the program as the bridge that takes eases you from our immersive training container into your role as a healer out in the world.

The practicum is SELF-PACED (you’ll have 6-months after the program to complete it), and the mentorship calls will occur every 3-4 weeks after your final initiation.


How much of the course is online?

It is all online. There are 8 live-online modules (Fridays from 2-5p MST, Sat from 10a-5p MST, and Sunday from 10a-1p MST), in additional to pre-recorded educational content.

There is an optional in-person retreat you can join, which will be shared about once you’re enrolled.

The live-online classes are spacious and experiential to prevent zoom fatigue AND to give you the deepest learning experience possible. Breaks, pacing, and self care are very important parts of this professional training.

Our online classes are are often not simply lectures, but engaging and healing containers for you to practice methods and apply new knowledge for your highest growth and evolution.


I can't make the live classes and calls. Can I still participate?

If you’d like to be certified you will be required to attend at least 90% of all live-online initiations and 100% of the mentorship calls. There will be practices and break-out groups that need to be experienced LIVE.


Do I have to have my video on during the zoom calls?

It is required that students be fully present and actively participating in the daily activities of class to the best of their abilities. During zoom calls you are required to have your videos on to be counted as “present.” Should you need a break, you can take up to two 15 minute breaks with your video off per 3 hour session.


How much does the embodiment retreat cost?

The optional retreat tends to cost between $1200-$3000 depending on your choice of accommodations and when you sign up for the training! We do offer discounts for students who enroll early. Payment plans are available.

It will be located at Xinalani Retreat Center.


Is the embodiment retreat required?

The embodiment retreat is not required for certification. However, it is HIGHLY encouraged for you to get in-person time and skills! This is one of our students favorite experiences!


Are practicum and mentorship required?

Practicum and mentorship are required for certification. However, if you would like to audit the course and not participate in practicum and mentorship, that is an option. You simply will not be certified at the end of the program.


Will we be doing a lot of yoga?

We talk about Yoga a little differently here at Her Temple. To us, yoga means “the art of integration” and consists of all of the practices that lead you to a more aligned and whole self. In that sense, we will not be doing yoga as you may practice at your local yoga studio. There will not be an emphasis on asana, nor your standard outward-in alignment cueing.

Instead, we focus on cultivating an “inner yoga” that helps you to awaken the wisdom of “soma” (your inner body). This comprises of somatic movements (which may feel similar to a slow, gentle, and restorative yoga class) as well as sensual and sensational meditative practices designed to deepen your relationship with the felt-sense, inner guidance, intuitive movement patterns, and wise knowing that lives inside your body.


Can people outside of the program attend the retreat?

Training students receive priority for attending the retreat. Depending on your cohort size, we’ll be considering opening up the group to outside participants! There are only about 16 spaces available for the retreat.

The retreat is an additional expense.


Upon completion of the training, what will I be certified in?

So long as you adequately complete all of the class hours, assessments, and assignments, you will be a Certified Somatic Yoga Therapy® Practitioner.


I don't have my 200 hour yoga teacher training. Can I still join?

Yes. While we encourage participants to have their 200 training before joining the program, it is not required. The 200 hour training provides you with a strong foundation that this more advanced course can build upon. 

That being said, as long as you have a basic background with yoga (philosophically as well as physically), the healing arts, psychology, and/or teaching movement/meditation in a professional setting we will accept you in our enrollment process.

Kaity occasionally offers a 200-Hour Somatic Yoga Teacher Training that is very complimentary to this course. If you are interested in getting certified before, during, or after your Somatic Alchemy Training, you can email us to be added to the next training waitlist.


What is your cancellation policy?

All deposits are non-refundable. Should you need to cancel 90 days before the training begins, you’ll receive a full refund minus your deposit. From 60-90 days prior to the training, you’ll receive a 50% refund. No refunds are provided within two months of the training start date.

For payment plans, you are committing to 100% of payments regardless of whether you choose to complete to entire program or not. Payment plans cannot be discontinued.

Curious if this is right for you?

Let’s Connect!

If you’d like to meet us and learn more about the training, please send an email to to schedule a brief, complimentary phone call or zoom meeting.

This is a great way to find out if the immersion is the right fit for you and get all of your questions answered!

Download the SAT Info Packet & Syllabus

More information on the program structure, learning topics, and transformative journey

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