Her Temple Network 

An digital space devoted to fostering sacred, somatic sisterhood. As a member on the network, you can explore new authentic connections, join our live women’s circles and online events, and access an array of resources to launch you forward in your healing journey.

Dearest one,
Do you crave a safe & sacred space where you can learn, grow, share and feel supported by like-minded souls?

A place where you can unwind, feed your soul and truly be yourself?

Welcome to Her Temple Network, our inner-circle for expressive, embodied & supportive sisterhood & nervous system healing.

What is Her Temple Network?

Her Temple Network is a virtual space where you can learn about Somatic Yoga Therapy, access powerful healing resources, as well as connect with like-minded soul-sisters.

Our inner circle (aka virtual membership) includes:

Live & pre-recorded healing workshops & wellness classes

These events are guided by Kaity and her team of experts + healers. Topics include somatic processing, yoga nidra, reiki, restorative yoga, meditation, sexuality, myofascial release and chakra tuning.

Access to our growing library of resources & class archives

Access to ALL prior event replays plus additional resources for your healing such as recipes, podcast episodes, recipes, yoga classes, meditation, breathwork, and yoga nidra practices, medicine songs, ayurvedic tips… More will be added as we grow.


Weekly conversation prompts for journaling, reflection, and connection

Journaling, reflection and connection will enable you to deepen your connection to Self & like-minded Souls in our private sisterhood community.

A 6-Week Foundational Online Course (optional add-on valued at $330)

Our Foundational 6-week course will anchor you in foundational Her Temple teachings and the art of Trauma Alchemy which will support your healing journey.

Connection to an intimate community of like-minded Souls

A community hub for you to share, connect, learn and grow. Think of it as a high-vibe social network revolved around lifting each other up, sharing your incredible gifts and resources, and rooting into real connection!

Total monthly value
(not including the online course)


All housed on a private, Her Temple app easy to access on your phone or desktop!

Connection is the Medicine You Seek

Studies have shown that we heal much more quickly and fully in community than we do on our own. Her Temple Network is ALL about co-creating medicine through connecting and weaving a web of supported healing.

A safe & sacred space

Her Temple Network is a safe and sacred space where you are free to post/share, message other Soul-Sisters and connect with one another. Think of the membership as a high vibe social platform with an emphasis on soul support, acceptance, connection, and LOVE.


When you join Her Temple Network, you’ll have the option to purchase:

6-Week Foundational Online Course
A 6-week guided journey through Somatic Yoga Therapy foundations where you’ll learn to alchemize trauma into Soul Power (valued at $330)

This is a deeply transformative online course that includes:

✔ Over 6 hours of guided audio and video practices, teachings and mediations

✔ Easy to ingrate weekly practices that will help you process stress, anxiety and emotions

✔ Journal prompts to guide you in awakening your inner healer

Each week includes a healing embodied movement practice, harmonizing meditation, and a beautiful companion PDF journal that you can download and print.

Here’s a breakdown of the 6 weeks:


Week 1: Safety

In week 1 you’ll learn how to harmonize your nervous system with a present moment sense of safety, pleasure, and ease.

Week 2: Ease

In week 2 you’ll explore how to create more EASE in your nervous system, and learn how slowing down can speed up your healing.

Week 3: Nurture

In week 3 you’ll learn how to nourish your cells, let love in, receive support from Mother Nature, and connect with something greater than your pain and trauma.

Week 4: Power

In week 4 you’ll… embody a healthy experience of power, sovereignty and self protection.

Week 5: Love

In week 5 you’ll… tune your body and energy field to the high vibrational and healing frequency of love.

Week 6: Surrender

In week 6 you’ll… experience greater trust and surrender with your embodied intuition, amplifying your inner authority, sovereignty, and wisdom.

Other benefits of joining Her Temple Network:

When you join Her Temple Network you’ll also get early access and special discounts to retreats and upcoming trainings.

Membership Options:

1. Free Temple Membership + the Resource & Class Archive (free)

2. Temple Membership + the Resource & Class Archive + the 6-Week Foundational Course (one time payment of $88)




Is this all online?

Yes! And, you’ll also get exclusive invitations and discounts for our in-person workshops and retreats. 


What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel anytime.


What is this Mighty Network app and how do I use it?

The Mighty Network app is home to the Her Temple Network, accessible on your laptop, tablet, or phone! It is very user friendly, intuitive, and once you log-in you’ll access a tutorial video and tour showing you the in’s and out’s of the space!