It’s cold and flu season and I’ve had so many friends and students recently come down with some flu or another. I myself started to come down with the flu, but was able to kick it in a couple of days with these simple tips.

Rather than suppressing your symptoms (which are actually often a necessary part of recovering from the flu), these Ayurvedic tips will support your body in healing itself.

Of course, if your fever is extremely high, you are having strange symptoms, or it’s taking you a LONG time to feel better, it’s always best to seek professional medical support to make sure nothing more serious is going in. If it’s just your everyday cold or flu, these tips will radically help.


A fever is actually a really good thing. Your body temperature needs to spike in order to kill the pathogen that comes with a cold or flu. Keep yourself warm and sweaty, maybe uncomfortably so. You could take a hot epsom salt bath, go in a sauna, or bundle up in your warmest clothes to help burn the pathogen away.


Your body is doing a lot to keep you well right now and it needs all the energy it can get. Take some time off and rest deeply to bounce back from your cold or flu quicker.


Add fresh ginger and a stick or two of cinnamon into a pot with 4 cups of water. Bring to a boil and then simmer for 20 minutes. Drain and sip the tea throughout the day, making more as needed. This will help induce a light sweat.


If you have a fever, it’s important to avoid eating too much and rather take in lots of fluids like water, broth, and cold and flu care tea.


By oiling the nasal passageways, it helps to prevent dryness and any reactive mucus production. This is great preventatively and also during an active cold or flu if you’re experiencing a lot of congestion. Sniff a few drops of sesame oil up your nose 2-4 times a day.


If you’ve had the aches, taking a bath with some eucalyptus oil and epsom salts can bring your body some relief.


When you get your appetite back and your fever breaks, give your body foods that are warm and easy to digest. Bone broth, chicken noodle soup, or kitchari are great places to start. The less energy your body has to expel on digestion, the more it has for fighting the virus. Maintain a simple diet for a few days after your symptoms start to diminish.


The lymphatic system is working hard right now to not circulate the virus through your body. If you are coming down with a flu or cold, and get a massage or do a hard workout, that can deter the work your lymph is doing to keep you from getting or recoving from the virus. Avoid vigorous exercise for a few days after your symptoms start to diminish.

The healthier your life, the quicker you’ll be able to bounce back from colds and flus. If you are interested in preventative care, you might consider an Ayurvedic cleanse to boost your immune system long-term! These are like your annual immune boosting flu shots that will help turn on your body’s natural virus-fighting powers.

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Written by kaityrose


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