Root chakra energy is all about survival, community, and safety

The root chakra, muladhara, is the most primal and earthy energy center of the whole body. It is associated with our earliest years of life, with community, and with survival needs such as food, water, money, shelter, and health.


When muladhara (root chakra) is in balance…

We feel grounded, stable, abundant, connected, and secure. When the root chakra is out of balance we may have a tendency to hoard, overspend, over-indulge in sweets, and to feel intense fear around our foundational human needs (food, water, shelter, money, family, and community).


So how do we invite in a balanced root chakra energy to feel more stable, grounded, and secure when the whole world feels upside down?

  • Remember that this is temporary and you aren’t alone.
  • Call or connect with a friend on video chat: Is there a person in your life you can lean on and connect to? Think of someone you enjoy being around and plan a skype date with them to reconnect you to your sense of community and belonging.
  • Hug a tree!!! Seriously, not kidding about this one 🌳When we are in nature, we receive negative ions which ground the energy of our whole body. Being in nature also has been shown to reduce blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension, and the production of stress hormones in the body.

  • Breathe deeply into your pelvic bowl: This is the region of the root chakra. When we are fearful and stressed out, the breath commonly moves up into the chest. By bringing the center of gravity with your breath lower in the body, you are using the diaphragm to breathe (which stimulates your parasympathetic nervous system)

  • Move your body: If you’re afraid, it’s all to likely you want to freeze and stop moving. Yet movement is one of the most important practices for processing through fear! If you’ve been experiencing high stress, then try shaking your body from head to toe for a few minutes to mobilize your stress response through completion.

  • Rest as much as you need, with no guilt: It’s normal to want to sleep a little more when you are stressed out. Give yourself permission to.

  • Eat root veggies and other grounding foods: Root veggies, kitchari, and spiced apples are wonderful grounding foods for the body during times of high stress.

  • Routine, routine, routine: Wake up, eat, work and sleep more or less at the same time each day. This helps support the circadian rhythms of the body and create consistency in a world that can oftentimes feel very inconsistent.

  • Practice gratitude and acknowledgement of “what’s right” in your world: In what ways can you celebrate what you already have access to? Examples are clean water, electricity,clothing, and food. Give thanks and acknowledge all you do have. It’s so easy to get into a scarcity mindset when we’re in a place of fear, but the honest truth is that you have so much to be grateful for in this moment.


Leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts, questions, and experiences from trying these balancing root chakra tips out!

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Written by kaityrose

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