During Summer, Pitta season, the elements of fire and water are at their highest in our natural environment and in our bodies. We can tangibly see this in the natural world as the days become long, hot, and sunny, flowers bloom, and wildlife becomes more active.

More subtly, there is an energetic shift toward getting things done and taking action. This is a wonderful time of year for connecting to your passion and love of life, taking action on projects you’ve been visioning, and connecting to the bright radiance of the sun (within and without).

On the other hand, this season can also be exhausting, overheating, and over stimulating for the mind and body. If you’re going a million miles a minute and are spread thin with work and life obligations, this process can often feel even more challenging simply due to the state of our natural environment.

This is especially true for individuals who have a lot of pitta (fire and water) in their natural constitutions. Knowing that Summer can exponentially turn up our inner heat, self criticism, and need to “do,” it’s powerful to enter this season with an intention to go a little slower and to do a little less.

The strength of this season lies in our ability to connect to our vibrancy and will to live, move forward with our goals, and embody a brighter and lighter way of being. The challenges reside in our ability to stay level headed, cool, grounded, and patient while nature turns up the heat.

Here are a few simple and powerful ways to stay cool, calm, and grounded this Summer. Try practicing one or two habits from each list below. It usually takes about 40 days to actualize a new habit into our routine, so stick with it for at least 40 days and notice what shifts and changes for you.



Operating on overdrive will burn you out, so give yourself some down time each and every day. Meditate. Lay on the ground. And, get good at doing nothing.


Spend time with the moon and her changing faces. Notice her rhythm and how it impacts your body. If you’re a menstruating person, start tracking your cycle and notice how it aligns with the cycles of the moon. Notice how your energy levels and emotions also ebb and flow.

You also may benefit from wearing glasses that block blue-light when you’re using technology, to avoid over-solarizing your body.


Hydrate your body from within and without! Eat hydrating foods (like fresh fruit and aloe vera juice), spritz rosewater on your skin, put coconut oil on your body before bed, and go swimming in cool, natural bodies of water.


Start a daily gratitude practice. Start with the simple things in life you have and enjoy. Consider what you’re grateful for about yourself. Send yourself love and get into the practice of speaking kindly to yourself.


Wear loose clothing with natural fibers.



Allow lunch to be your largest meal of the day (when your digestive fire is the strongest). Have a moderate and simple breakfast and dinner.


Opt for beans rather than meat. Meat is heating, beans are cooling.


Avoid alcohol, fried foods, processed foods, sugars, coffee, and chocolate. These tend to be ultra heating on the body.
Instead, try out ingredients such as aloe vera juice, cucumbers, watermelon, dandelion root tea, spirulina, and fresh greens.


Avoid spicy herbs like cayenne and paprika. Instead, use cilantro, basil, mint, lime, lemon balm, rose, coriander, cardamom, lemongrass, dill, and hibiscus.


Eat sweet, juicy foods to nourish and ground your heat. Opt for fresh and juicy fruits or maple syrup. Enjoy sweet grains such as oats, wheat, and rice. Avoid honey and refined cane sugar, as they tend to be heating.

Leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts, questions, and experiences from trying these tips out!

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